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nelioFeministinen ajatushautomo Hattu is a feminist think tank located in Tampere, Finland. Hattu (=hat) was founded in 2015 by writer Rosa Meriläinen and Dr. Saara Särmä.

Hattu offers carefully crafted feminist analysis and insights on anything, really. We can produce academic and popular texts, art-works and visual commentaries, and oral presentations. We promote laughter and are working on a theory of radical fun.

We can organize, for example, emancipatory seminars, cursing events, how to be funny workshops, collaging tutorials, lectures on feminist politics, courses on popular culture and world politics.

Headhunting expert women for any position: board members, keynote speakers, panelists, experts to interview...

While working mainly in Finnish and targeting audiences in Finland, Hattu also co-operates with feminists around the globe.

Whatever your feminist needs are, we will find a solution!

In June-August 2015 Hattu works on a project called Naiset esiin! (Women forward) documenting all male panels and the like, creating networking possibilities for young feminists, empowering women experts to step forward and collecting a database of feminist experts. The project is funded by Kone Foundation.

Hoffsome all male panels at

Pitiful all white panels at

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You can also find Hattu on facebook, Saara on twitter @huippumisukka, Rosa on twitter @RosaMerilainen


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